Dunamis [part 2] Let The Oil Flow by Dr Cindy Trimm


Verse number one continues and said and thou knoweth that thy servant did fear the lord. And the creditor is come to take unto him my two son’s to be bond men. This was her confession. Verse number two and Elijah said to her what shall I do for thee? Tell me. What is thou in thine house that is in position. And she said thine hand maiden have nothing except a or only a pot of oil.

So here confession created restrictions and limitations. It was a confession that created restrictions and limitations. Could things be the way they are because you are the way you are? What one thing can you change that could change everything. You may not be able to change the circumstances immediately. But you can change the way you address or speak about your circumstances. Words have power. Words have life. Words have presence. Words have prophetic implications with no time or space or geographical limitation. The words that you speak they are spirit and they are light. The Bible said thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be what? established. And so she discounted it. The only thing I’ve got is this anointing oil.

Verse number 3 then he said go borrow the vessels abroad of all they neighbors, even empty vessels. Barrow not a few. And when art come in and should shut the door upon the and upon they sons and thou shalt pour out unto all thy vessels. And thou shalt set aside that which is full. This is the instructions. So She when from him, shut the door on her and her sons who brought the vessels to her and she poured out. That’s an act of obedience. And it came to pass when the vessels were full, that she said unto her son bring me yet a vessel. And he said unto her there is not a vessel more. And the oil stayed. That was manifestation.. Then she came and told the man man of God. That’s her testimony. And he said go sell the oil. This is market place entrepreneurship. And pay Thy debt. This is financial freedom. And live, the Hebrew word Kia. And it’s translated thrive. Go and thrive and live prosperously. Thou and the children and the rest. That’s stabilization and legacy and inheritance. And it all happened in seven verses.

She went from lack into abundance because she had an occasion to meet the dunamis prophetic power what was present on the prophet. Alot of times we are not able to perceive the man and the woman of God that is before us. We often see them from their gender. We see them as merly a man or woman. But as soon as the anointing is placed on that man or that woman they become a vessel that God uses to carry the dunamis power. That means that often times we are not able to make a demand off of that individual, because we don’t recognize the value of the oil they are carrying. And so tonight I want to preach on a simple topic let the oil flow let the oil flow.