Dunamis [part 1] Let The Oil Flow by Dr Cindy Trimm


Dr Cindy Trimm – Let the oil flow enhanced [enhanced audio]

Would you take your bible’s out. We’re going to braid two scriptures and we want to be a blessing to you today.

Dunamis, its all about power. Power can exist in potential form and it has to be acknowledge and then activated. And I’ve discovered that there are so many people sitting on power thats dormant and it has to be activated and this is why this meeting is important. The scriptural says in the book of Deuteromony 8 verses 8:18, for thow shalt remember the lord thy God for it is he that gives thee power to get wealth that he may establish his covenant which he swore unto thy father, as it is this day. II Kings 4:1-7. If you can go there with me please and twist these two scriptures together and deliver to you the message that God had placed on my heart.

The Bible said now there cried a certain woman of the son of the prophet unto Elijah. Meaning that her husband before he past away was in the school of the prophets. Anyone know about the hebrewic school or educational system a prophet would have to be in school for about 21 years before he matriculated. And it was because he had tested in terms of his character and then all so the accuracy of his word and the authenticity of his call.

This is, your are introduced to Jeremiah. In Jeremiah chapter one he makes mention, he boys that I’m a child. In other words I have not matriculated through the school of the prophets. Therefore my gift has not been validated. How many of you know its one thing for man to ordain you its yet another for heaven to validate you. And even if man reject you when heaven validates you they cannot resist you very lone. Are you with me.

But this was an authentic individual that was sitting under the school of the prophets and and whatever the school dictated as for a syllabus. And the Bible said thy servant my husband in other words he was not only a prophet but he ministered to Elijah in the helps ministry. Now this is just a caviot. Whenever God wants to elevate a person into leadership, he does not look for a leader. Those that will be great in the kingdom must first make themselves a servant. One of the greatest positions that you can hold in the kingdom is in the ministry of helps and a lot of times we believe that if we are in the ministry of helps you don’t require an anointing.

But the scripture says that just like a prophet and an apostle requires an anointing those that serve in the ministry of helps require an anointing as well. He says he served as a servant of God but he is dead.